I have come to the conclusion that my natural writing style is the snowflake method.

I posted the first two chapters of my Roman story on the blog over the last month or so, but they now have changed (not beyond recognition!!) since I went back over them, adding characters and changing the dynamics somewhat.

It seems I’m perpetually working on the first few chapters as they increase in size due to added layers and plot expansions. It makes the story better, of that there is no doubt, but sometimes I despair of ever finishing as my endless tweaking and tinkering keeps me in thrall.

I think I’ll have to just accept that this is how I write my best stuff. Be patient with myself and let the story expand and breathe and I will eventually get to the end and have a far better work of fiction than if I had ignored my natural bent and ploughed ahead just to get finished.

Oh well, back I go to first century Hibernia as Sadbh and Marcus battle it out!