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I’m surprised I can tell you.

I applied last week for the Artist’s Exemption from taxation. More information on the scheme here. Basically, if you have written a book, a piece of music, hewn a sculpture or painted a picture, you’re entitled to a tax break on the first €40,000 you earn from it.

Of course, I’m nowhere near earning that with Faerie Apocalypse. That little baby brings in enough to cover about two of Lidl’s cheapo coffee pods per month.

I e-mailed the revenue commissioners providing a link to the book, screen shots of my KDP Reports dashboard and a PDF copy of the book. I had to post them a hard copy of the claim form.

And today in the post, I got my tax exemption certificate giving me tax free status on any profits (under €40k) I make on this or other works of fiction. Simples!