So, Away With The Fae is now live on Amazon.

Long ago in the Ireland of 1882, Zylphia Flowers is on her way home through the forest, brimming with excitement, for on the morrow she is to elope to America with her secret fiance, Jack Lawton.
But unbeknownst to her, the king of the fae court is seeking a mortal maid with whom to seal the Great Compact between their races.
Zylphia is taken to the king’s realm and shown the delights of the royal court, enjoying the favour of Ruada, the king. This dangerous attraction results in Zylphia being ripped away from his royal presence and banished back to the mortal realm, a hundred years from when she was abducted.
Terrified and seemingly abandoned in 1982, Zylphia refuses to accept her fate and fights to return to Jack and the life that was stolen from her by the whims of the fae.

Also live is Wildfell’s Woe

Wildfell lives apart from other fae, far from court, in the untamed forests of his home. His life seems content until a lady of the court, Lalaoise, stumbles over his border seeking solace from her heartbreak.
Despite his suspicious nature, Wildfell quickly falls for her charms and thinks his solitary life is over, but alas, for Lalaoise’s heart is given to another.
This is a short story set in the world of Away With The Fae and contains mature scenes intended for readers of 18 years and over.

And Finvarra’s Fate

All the fae in Ireland know the tragic tale of Finvarra, greatest of all the fae kigs and his love for a mortal maid, Ciara.
His grief when she came to the end of her days drove him mad, sparking a futile war with the mortal world.
Here is the full tale of how the seeds of Finvarra’s fate were sown by pride and powerful magic.
This is a short story set in the same world as Away With The Fae.
Contains scenes of an adult nature suitable for readers over 18.