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I can’t believe how long it’s been since I updated my blog. Just goes to show how life can run away with you at times.
I’ve been holidaying in the far north west of Ireland in Donegal, what a great place. The pace of life is so much slower there, no one’s in a rush and yet everything gets done. Fabulous food (venison pies, prawn and monkfish Thai skewers, oysters and sea food, yum!) and awesome beer (Kinnegar and Donegal Brewery) made for a lovely time overall.
So now.
I’m back and trying to revive the writing schedule. I have the second instalment of Faerie Apocalypse to get done before too long and I’m looking forward to writing it.
I’ve also arrived back from my holidays with a new idea to write about.
Whilst touring about the area, I happened across the creepiest house I’ve ever seen in Ireland. It was Gothic with steep roofs and decorated eaves, long narrow windows and two huge mouldering chimney stacks. It was utterly ruined of course, which only added to the Gothic air. It turns out to have belonged to the English landlord who lived there through the 19th century, until the Land Act of 1903 saw his holdings significantly reduced, and the place was abandoned.
I’m sure its walls could tell many a tale after having been around so long and seen Ireland go from an English colony to a republic. And so it has fired the imagination somewhat and I’ve been reading about those Castle Rackrent days to get a feel for how my ancestors might have viewed the place a hundred years ago when it was a functional dwelling, fascinating stuff.
And now enough procrastinating and back to Faerie Apocalypse – Aidan’s Tale.