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Don’t get me wrong, this is not a book review blog, but I am inspired to write a short review of a book I recently downloaded using my Kindle Unlimited subscription, namely Aurian and Jin: A Love Story by Emily Russell.
I am galloping into the last section of the book and I have been thoroughly entranced from the start. Most high fantasy books are LOTR clones or GoT imitators and can be very tiresome experiences indeed, but this book is a rare exception.
The main characters are introduced in a rather humble setting of a lonesome neglected wayside inn which is quickly enlivened by the arrival of a Bonedancer assassin called Vetiver, looking to put an end to Jin, Aurian’s wife of six months. After that, things get very complicated very fast.
I won’t ruin the voyage of discovery that is so well mapped out and realised by the author, but suffice it to say that neither Aurian or Jin are humdrum everyday people. It’s a literary cliché to say this in book reviews I know, but they are well drawn characters with human faults and who have made mistakes that make them so much more interesting than yet another ‘perfect’ elf or ‘subtle’ wizard.
To summarise, there are no clichés in this story and that’s why it’s so worth reading. Do yourself a favour and get a copy!