It’s been two months since I released Faerie Apocalypse and I have to say I have learned an awful lot since then.

I thought I knew it all really.

I’d purchased Catherine Ryan Howard’s awesome Self Printed book and read it religiously, taking notes and referring to it and other internet self publishing gurus like JA Konrath, Hugh Howey, David Gaughran and Lindsay Buroker.

But then you never really think about how much time you’re going to spend on the admin/business side. Honestly, you’d need an assistant to get through all the possibilities/opinions floating around for promotion and getting your little book visible.
I’ve just realised, two months in, how much time I’m wasting on KBoards (though they’re great there!) you can spend so much time surfing the threads and absorbing so much information.

All the chat about Kindle Unlimited in the last few days is a bit depressing as well. Why are Amazon making fish and flesh between trad pubbed and self pubbed authors? Seems a but unfair to me, see this article for what I mean.

I’m not in Select, I’m on D2D and Smashwords (sold 2 copies so far on these platforms – awesome!), but I never expected to sell anything at all, so I’m chuffed I even sold that many there.

I’m coming to the conclusion that the best thing I can do is simply forget about doing any promotion and keeping up with the latest hot new thing in self publishing, in favour of getting on with some writing. I’ve really let that go lately, which is ironic as it’s the reason I ever started on this crazy path in the first place.

So from now on, I’ll try to stay away from the lure of the Kboards and all the various blog updates and try to keep going with Part 2 of Faerie Apocalypse and my little Roman story.

When they’re ready to publish, I’ll do another Bknights promo which netted me 9 sales when I ran it last weekend.

Look not for me on the forums (or should that be fora?), I shall be scribbling away at home instead….