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…sounds a bit rude really.

Well, if you have that sort of mind. Which I do. Hem hem.

Anyway, this is my first post on The Blog. The blog I hope will chart my rise (meteoric or not!) as I enter the maelstrom of the self-publishing world.

I have submitted to the likes of Harlequin (I was insane, why did I ever DO that?!?) – I never heard back and going by the dreadful quality of my submission three years ago, I’m not surprised. It probably caused hysterical blindness in the poor unfortunate tasked with reading it.

Also tried Samhain Publishing when they were running a Special Call for submissions with an apocalyptic theme – I didn’t make the cut but for a few brief heady weeks I lived in hope that they were considering my manuscript for separate publication, but it was not to be.

The Wild Rose Press told me I had too much mythology and not enough romance for them, sigh.

Alas, for my work is that special little snowflake of fantasy/romance, neither one thing nor t’other.

And so, after a two year hiatus from writing, I’m dipping a toe back into the water.

I’ve decided to self-publish some of my earlier work (NOT the Harlequin stuff!! God that was AWFUL. I’m keeping that on the hard drive as a terrible warning as to what can happen when you think everything you write is awesome.)

Some editing and an e-book cover will be required and an awful lot of self discipline to combine this with my full time day job as a chicken sexer. *

I’m new to this and thought it might be instructive for me to chart my progress (however slow) towards this goal. If I tell the Internet I’m going to do something, then I’ll have to do it, won’t I?

Yeah. That’s me told.

*Not my real day job.